You may not be in a formal management position. You


You may not be in a formal management position.  You may have never been in a formal management position.

There are, however, often times when you need to show management skills, when you might manage information, people, action or all of the above.

To reiterate, Mintzberg’s Model of Managing:

  • Information: Information you have, Information you need, Information others might have, WHAT is important.  Managing through information might be sharing information about a problem (or solution) or setting a target
  • People: WHO needs to know, WHO can help, WHO has information
  • Action: Doing, Acting, Taking Initiative, Making Decisions, Solving Problems, Improving Processes.  This can be action within the unit, or external, outside the unit, or even outside the organization (partners, suppliers, external customers).

Initial Post Options (Choose ONE for your initial post):

Option #1: Consider a time that you have had to exhibit management skills on one or more of the ‘planes’ (Information, People, Action).  Describe the background of the situation, perhaps the problem or complication, how the situation was resolved (if it was) and what types of management skills on one or more of the three planes you exhibited.

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