Write a case study on the procedures of radiation therapy and prepare a 10 minute presentation

I have already selected a patient which is someone with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM).  I have all the information needed from the patients chart and will attach it

1. Summarize the intitial consultation and work up documents

2. Write a description of the patient’s disease to include: discuss symptoms that led to diagnosis, details about how the disese specifics (stage, grade, etc) impact their radiation therapy treatments, in addition to radiation therapy, descirbe the patient’s other treatments (surgical, chemotherapy, alternative)

3. Describe the area(s) that will be treated. Include organs at risk along with the dose limits 

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Write a case study on the procedures of radiation therapy and prepare a 10 minute presentation

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In this assignment, we will be discussing a patient with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). Glioblastoma Multiforme is a highly aggressive type of brain cancer that originates from glial cells in the brain or spinal cord. It is known for its rapid growth and infiltrative nature, making it difficult to treat effectively.

1. The initial consultation and workup documents provide crucial information about the patient’s history, symptoms, and diagnostic findings. These documents typically include the patient’s medical history, physical examination findings, laboratory results, imaging studies (such as MRI or CT scans), and pathology reports. The consultation notes may also include details about the patient’s initial presentation, chief complaints, and any relevant medical or surgical procedures performed before the diagnosis.

2. Glioblastoma Multiforme commonly presents with non-specific symptoms such as headaches, seizures, cognitive changes, personality changes, and motor deficits. In this case, the symptoms that led to the diagnosis of GBM may include persistent headaches, seizures, and progressive neurological deficits.

Regarding disease specifics, GBM is often classified based on its stage (extent of tumor spread) and grade (degree of tumor aggressiveness). The World Health Organization (WHO) classification system commonly used for GBM includes four grades, with GBM being the highest grade (grade IV).

Radiation therapy is an essential component of the treatment for GBM. The stage and grade of the disease impact the radiation therapy treatment plan. In general, radiation therapy aims to deliver a high dose of radiation to the tumor while minimizing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissues.

The patient’s other treatments may include surgical resection (removal) of the tumor, chemotherapy, and alternative therapies. Surgical resection aims to remove as much of the tumor as possible to alleviate symptoms and improve treatment outcomes. Chemotherapy may be administered concurrently with radiation therapy or as part of adjuvant treatment after surgery. Alternative therapies such as immunotherapy or targeted therapy may also be considered in certain cases.

3. The area(s) that will be treated in radiation therapy for GBM typically include the tumor bed and the surrounding areas at risk of tumor recurrence. The specific treatment field may vary depending on the extent of tumor spread as determined by imaging studies and surgical findings.

Organs at risk that need to be carefully considered during radiation therapy planning include the surrounding non-involved brain tissue, optic structures (optic nerves and chiasm), pituitary gland, brainstem, and temporal lobes. The dose limits for these organs at risk are established to minimize the risk of radiation-induced side effects or complications. For example, constraints on the optic structures are necessary to avoid potential vision loss, while constraints on the brainstem are crucial for preserving neurological function.

In conclusion, the patient with Glioblastoma Multiforme undergoing radiation therapy requires a comprehensive treatment approach considering the disease specifics, impact on radiation therapy planning, and other treatment modalities. The treatment field encompasses the tumor bed and surrounding areas, with strict adherence to dose limits for organs at risk.

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