Write a 650-word argumentative essay that follows the following The

Write a 650-word argumentative essay that follows the following 

The essay needs to be written in Microsoft Word using the format .docx for the file and the topic is – Can Cellphones Be Educational Tools?

Deadline – 10th June

Also, the format of the essay needs to follow the following:-

1) A brief introductory paragraph that provides a clear thesis statement followed by a sentence outline of the evidence to be provided in support of the thesis;

 2) elaboration of the evidence in support of the thesis; 

3) consideration of a potential counterexample to one of the paper’s arguments as well as a rebuttal to the counterexample; 

4) a brief conclusion summarizing the argument; and 

5) at the end of the paper, the premises and conclusion of the argument represented in standard form

6) The paper needs to be totally original 

Quality Assurance: –


(i) At least two well-chosen arguments support the thesis in a compelling way. A counterexample to one argument is provided and it is responded to effectively and convincingly.

(ii) Paper is very clear, terms and ideas are very well defined, and explained, and the examples are very original.

(iii) Thesis is clearly stated, of appropriate scope, and is interesting and original. Clear and effective paper structure.

Finally, The premises and conclusion of the arguments (HAVE) to be in standard form.

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