WooCommerce Product FAQ Improves user experience of your

<p><strong><a href=”https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-advanced-product-faqs/31833510?s_rank=2″ target=”_blank”>WooCommerce Product FAQ</a></strong> Improves user experience of your shop, It provides quick access to buyers information, and reduce support question and queries. Add frequently asked questions (FAQs) to the products within your WooCommerce shop. Visitors of your store can then read those Product Questions while browsing the Product Pages within your website.</p>

<h3 id=”item-description__-woocommerce-advanced-product-faqs-key-features”><strong>WooCommerce Advanced Product FAQs Key Features</strong></h3>


<li>Accordion Display</li>

<li>Desktop, Tablet &amp; Mobile Support</li>

<li>Comments support</li>

<li>Sorting by name, date ascending, descending</li>

<li>Likes dislike functionality</li>

<li>Ajax based pagination for FAQ</li>

<li>Full setting options for customization</li>

<li>Option to post Question from user</li>

<li>Display FAQ on tab or after add to cart button</li>

<li>Fully Responsive</li>

<li>WooCommerce compatible style for product information tab</li>

<li>Custom Style Support</li>

<li>Schema Support</li>

<li>Unlimited FAQs</li>

<li>FAQs related to products</li>

<li>Displays within WooCommerce Product Tabs</li>

<li>Works with all Product Types</li>

<li>Easy Management</li>

<li>Option to set button&rsquo;s text, color, font size etc</li>


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