Week 9 Assignment – Presentation Recording Overview You will present


  1. Week 9 Assignment – Presentation Recording
    You will present a PowerPoint presentation and record narration  voiceover for the presentation slides you developed in the Week 6  assignment.
    Using the same presentation you submitted for the Week 6  assignment, record an audio narration voiceover for each slide in your  presentation.

    • Use the narration outline you developed for the Week 7 assignment to speak and record the narration voiceover for each slide.
    • As you complete your presentation, refer to the general design requirements found in Chapter 12 of the BCOM text.
    • Notes on Recording Equipment
      You must have access to a computer with a good microphone or a  cell phone with a high-quality microphone to complete the assignment.
      Review in the LinkedIn Learning course PowerPoint: Audio and Video:
    • Record Directly into PowerPoint.
    • Requirements
      Your Week 9 presentation assignment submission should be based  upon a revised version of the slides from the PowerPoint Presentation  you developed in Week 6. The submission for this Week 9 assignment must  adhere to the following requirements:
    • Content:        
      • The presentation is based on the same presentation and aspect  of social media in the workplace selected for the assignments in Weeks  5, 6, 7, and 8.
      • Your presentation should be presented in an organized logical manner, with topics flowing from slide to slide.
      • Make sure to use even and steady pacing. The presentation should be at least 8 minutes and not exceed 10 minutes in length.
      • Provide two references. All references are peer-reviewed,  academic references on a sources slide after your closing slide using  the Strayer Writing Standards.
    • Format:        
      • Ensure that your recorded presentation displays clear, audible narration, and clear visual display.
      • Make sure your slide text is synchronized with the audio.
      • Ensure that headings appear on each slide. Depending on your  content, your presentation should use between 10–20 graphic images.  Adhere to visual best practices as outlined in the BCOM text.
    • This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For  assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing  Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your  professor for any additional instructions.
      Slides should cite any relevant outside sources in SWS format  requiring in-text citations on slides and a sources slide at the end of  the presentation.
      Review your work with the rubric/scoring guide before submitting  your assignment to check that your work meets all of the grading  requirements.
      Remember to run a spelling and grammar check before submitting  your assignment. Check with your professor if you have any additional  questions.
      The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
    • Conduct a presentation using professional communication skills.

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