Week 3 – Assignment 1 – 11 Blue Men

Read the 11 Blue Men Story, to access, please click here. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Download the Eleven Blue Men Worksheet and address the questions in a Q/A format, using complete sentences. Please know that although this is not a formal written paper, you still use APA formatting:

  • Double-spaced with 1-inch margins
  • Separate title page with the following:

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The 11 Blue Men Story is a fascinating medical case study that tells the story of eleven men who turned blue due to a mysterious medical condition. As medical college students, it is important to study cases like this to gain a deeper understanding of the human body and the various medical conditions that can affect it. To better understand this case, let’s address the questions in a Q/A format using complete sentences and APA formatting.

Question 1: What do the 11 blue men have in common?

Answer: The 11 blue men have something in common, and that is they all worked in a factory that manufactured rubber products. The factory used a chemical mixture that contained aniline to dye the rubber, which is what caused the blue discoloration of their skin.

Question 2: Describe the process of aniline dyeing.

Answer: The process of aniline dyeing involves using a chemical mixture that contains aniline to dye rubber products. The aniline penetrates the rubber and causes a permanent discoloration. However, with prolonged exposure, aniline can also be absorbed through the skin and cause various health problems, including respiratory distress and blue discoloration of the skin.

Question 3: How did the doctors know it was aniline that caused the blue color?

Answer: The doctors suspected that aniline was the cause of the blue discoloration due to the history of exposure to the chemical in the factory and the symptoms that the patients presented with. To confirm their suspicions, the doctors conducted a test using sulfanilic acid and sodium nitrate, which turned bright red when it reacted with aniline – confirming the presence of the chemical in the patients’ bloodstreams.

Question 4: What treatment was given to the men and did it work?

Answer: The treatment given to the men was methylene blue, a medication that converts the oxygen-depleted hemoglobin to a more oxygenated state, restoring the normal color of the skin. The treatment was effective, and the men were able to resume normal life after a couple of days of methylene blue therapy.

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