Watch 2 movies 1) Mind Over Murder: Here’s your crime-solver

Watch 2 movies

1) Mind Over Murder:  Here’s your crime-solver 101 class. In this special from NET in Nebraska, viewers learn the psychological aspects of criminal forensics using true crime examples. What are the techniques? How can this work help prevent violent crimes? How can we ever watch a fictional police procedural after this? (J)

2) Murder to mercy; The Cyntoia Brown Story (Netflix): 16-years-old Cyntoia Brown is sentenced to life in prison after killing 43 years-old Johnnny Allen who agreed to pay her for sex. (J)


note data gathered from films 

Quantifying our results 

How many times were the names of 

Documentary Elements 

  • Voiceover 
  • Archival Footage 
  • Reenactment 
  • Direct/Indirect Interviews 
  • Montage 

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