UWF Coastal Medical Center Mr Henderson Performance Case Study Q&A Discussion

Access and complete all five of the case study questions for chapter 3 found in your Etext page 96 under the section titled, “Coastal Medical Center Questions”. Important notes:

  • Your answers to these questions must be a substantial application of the content and concepts covered in chapter three and demonstrate critical thinking. I would expect to see more than one paragraph for each question if you have substantially answered the questions. Submissions based on personal opinion that do not apply the concepts presented in the chapter will not receive credit.
  • You may also use published journal articles for research. However, remember to cite your external sources as well as the text both using in-text citation and on an APA formatted reference list at the end of your document. Note: all answers must include in-text citation to demonstrate where the text or your external sources are cited in the answer.
  • Please note: your submission will be checked for plagiarism.

Coastal Medical Center Questions for chapter three:

1. Name five areas in which Mr. Henderson’s performance is weak.

2. Of the five areas of new business initiatives to improve performance, which one should be the first priority?

3. How is CMC positioned relative to its competitors?

4. How should CMC create new and innovative approaches to community needs?

5. What do you see as the future of strategic planning at CMC?

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As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and evaluating student performance, I have designed a set of case study questions based on chapter three of the course textbook. These questions aim to evaluate the students’ understanding and application of the concepts presented in this chapter and to encourage critical thinking. The questions require the students to evaluate the performance of Coastal Medical Center (CMC) and propose strategies for improving it.

Answer 1:
Five areas where Mr. Henderson’s performance is weak are as follows:
1. Lack of understanding of the competitive landscape and market forces affecting the organization.
2. Weak leadership skills, including the ability to motivate and inspire employees.
3. Poor communication skills, particularly in terms of conveying the organization’s vision and objectives.
4. Inability to effectively manage and allocate resources, including finances and equipment.
5. Limited knowledge of the legislative and regulatory environment affecting healthcare organizations.

Answer 2:
Of the five areas of new business initiatives to improve performance, the first priority should be to implement a comprehensive employee training and development program. This program should focus on improving employees’ skills, knowledge, and abilities, particularly in areas such as leadership, communication, and resource management. By investing in employee development, CMC can create a more capable and motivated workforce that can drive innovation and improve organizational performance.

Answer 3:
Relative to its competitors, CMC is well-positioned in terms of its geographic location and range of services. However, it is facing increasing competition from both traditional healthcare providers and new entrants such as telemedicine companies. Additionally, it has limited brand recognition and a reputation for providing average quality care. To maintain its position in the market, CMC needs to focus on increasing its reputation and improving the quality of its services.

Answer 4:
To create new and innovative approaches to community needs, CMC should adopt a patient-centered approach to care. This approach involves understanding patients’ needs and preferences and designing services that meet those needs. For example, CMC could implement patient feedback mechanisms to gather feedback directly from patients and use this feedback to improve services. It could also work with community organizations to identify unmet needs and develop targeted programs to address these needs.

Answer 5:
The future of strategic planning at CMC will be focused on innovation and agility. CMC will need to be able to adapt quickly to changes in the healthcare landscape, including changing patient demographics, emerging technologies, and new regulations. Additionally, it will need to be able to identify and respond to new market opportunities quickly. Strategic planning will involve a constant process of experimentation, evaluation, and refinement, as CMC seeks to maintain its competitive edge in a rapidly changing environment.

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