Use word for PT 1 & Excel for PT 2

Use word for PT 1 & Excel for PT 2 .  Questions and Problems are attached to end of Chpt 

19-2 is on page 9

PT 1. 

 listed below in an MS Word document 

 Chapter 16: Questions: 2, 3, 9, 11

PT 2.

 Use an MS Excel spreadsheet to calculate the solutions for the problems 

 Chapter 16, Problem: 4
Use the attached “Chapter 16 Construction” Excel file to calculate your answers. Do NOT submit this spreadsheet. Instead, record your answers on the document with your responses to the questions in Part 1.

  • Chapter 19 Problem 1 (all parts), 2 (a & b only)
    From P19-2. Use MS Excel to set up a 10-year amortization schedule including the following columns: NPER (that is the number of period remaining to maturity), Beginning Balance, Interest Paid, Principal Paid, Principal Prepaid, and Ending Balance. Remember that interest paid does not reduce the loan balance. Also, the total mortgage payment amount will decrease each year due to the prepayments, so it may be helpful to create an extra column in which to calculate the total mortgage payment for each year. If your amortization schedule is set-up correctly the loan balance after ten years will be $0.

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