Two parts – Questions and problems are in the back

Two parts – Questions and problems are in the back of  chpts 

Part 1:

Provide a brief but complete response for each of the questions listed below in an MS Word document (or using a textbox in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet).  Provide APA-format, in-text citations for each of your answers and a complete reference line at the bottom of the submission.

  • Chapter 21: Questions: 2, 4, 5, 7

Part 2:

Use an MS Excel spreadsheet to calculate the solutions for the problems listed below. You must demonstrate your detailed calculations by embedding the formulas/functions in the cells, rather than displaying those details as you would in a word processing document. You are permitted to work with other students from this course, but it is important that each student develop comprehension of each of the techniques required in this assignment. Of course, your individual submission must be unique and not shared with other students (i.e., create your own spreadsheet).

  • Chapter 21, Problem: 1 (part a. only)
    Calculate the following: EPS, NOI, FFO, ROC, Cash Retention per Share, Net Assets per Share, Book Value per Share, ROA, & ROE.
  • Chapter 21, Problem 3
  • Chapter 22, Problem 1 (parts a. & b. only)

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