Transcription factors TFE3 and TFEB amplify p53 dependent processes

 1. What are the questions answered and ideas uncovered by the figures in the paper, answer as such that each figure answers a specific question or tests a particular hypothesis. 2. How do the paper’s findings fit into current understanding of the biological process? 3. Why are the findings novel? do these results support new biological theories? 4. Did the findings disprove, modify, or enhanced theories or models in the field? 5. How do the experiment methods improve or lend more credibility to the paper’s findings? 6. What is the biomedical significance of the paper’s findings? 6. What does the paper fail to consider in its research scope or theoretical framework? 7. How can the paper be improved upon?

#Transcription #factors #TFE3 #TFEB #amplify #p53 #dependent #processes

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