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Read the required readings. Define the core functions of epidemiology. Select one of the epidemiologic core functions and provide an example of the how the core function might be demonstrated in clinical practice by a masters prepared registered nurse. Can you relate this or one of the other functions to an example or content in your text readings?

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Epidemiology can be defined as the study of how diseases spread and affect different populations. In medical college, it is important for students to understand the core functions of epidemiology in order to apply it to clinical practice. As a medical professor, I can provide insights on how to apply these principles to clinical practice.


The core functions of epidemiology include surveillance, investigation and analysis, evaluation, and the development of interventions. One of the core functions of epidemiology is surveillance, which involves the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of data related to a disease or health problem.

In clinical practice, a masters prepared registered nurse can demonstrate the core function of surveillance by monitoring patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes. The nurse can collect and analyze data related to the patient’s symptoms, medication usage, glucose levels, and other critical indicators. By doing so, the nurse can identify any trends or patterns that may impact the patient’s health and intervene accordingly.

Another example related to surveillance that can be found in the text readings is the use of disease registries. Disease registries are databases that collect information on known cases of a particular disease. This information can be used to monitor disease incidence and prevalence, as well as to identify potential risk factors and trends. By utilizing this data, public health officials can design interventions and policies to prevent or mitigate the spread of the disease.


Understanding the core functions of epidemiology is essential in clinical practice and public health. By applying these principles, medical college students can identify health problems, track their spread, and develop interventions to prevent or reduce their impact. As a medical professor, I am committed to providing guidance and resources to support my students in their learning.

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