Topic 1 DQ 2 2009 that preceded it, contain a

 Topic 1 DQ 2

2009 that preceded it, contain a number of measures aimed at reorganizing the organization, financing, and delivery of health care. By offering guidelines of measures that foster a healthy lifestyle, the focus of health care reform has switched from a disease-oriented health care system to one that emphasizes wellness and prevention. This covers things like building healthy living environments, safe neighbourhoods, better community access, and preventive measures like screenings and immunizations, as well as eradicating health inequities (Benjamin, 2011). Healthy diet and exercise, mental health, reproductive health, and a drug- and tobacco-free lifestyle are also top priorities.

This pattern will continue as hospital systems transform and extend out to incorporate community-based health care homes that provide main community care as well as auxiliary services like radiology and laboratory services all in one location. Patients in today’s society value the ability to have healthcare services closer to their homes, and they are more likely to participate in their care and preventive measures if they do not have to travel to many sites for treatment (Sochalski & Weiner, 2011).

As nurses, we are in a unique position to educate patients, families, and communities about health and wellness. Explaining the advantages of a healthy lifestyle and what therapies, such as proper eating, are available to the patient. Nurses also have the ability to assess the needs of the patient, family, or community and refers them to programs and resources within the community. For example, home aids to prevent falls, dietitians to assist with healthy eating, clinics that offer educational programs or diabetes checks, and so on. Our organization also offers employee wellness programs, which include annual tests and rewards for those with low BMIs.

Using 200-300 Words APA format with at least two references to support this discussions


Explain how health care reform has helped shift the focus from a disease-oriented health care system to one of wellness and prevention. Discuss ways in which health care will continue this trend and explain the role of nursing in supporting and facilitating this shift. In replies to peers, provide an example of wellness and prevention initiatives your organization or specialty area has in place.

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