Understanding the role and value of different types of stakeholders is essential if the stakeholder relationship is to be managed effectively. The word ‘stakeholder’ can infer a host of people connected to another in a business setting covering internal, external and connected relationships. There are many challenges that occur in managing the stakeholder relationship and sensitivity and understanding is required to address issues in a proactive and professional manner.

» TASK 1 You are required to write a report entitled ‘The complexities of stakeholder relationships’. The report must include:

i. An analysis of THREE (3) types of stakeholder relationships which occur within organisations (AC1.1)

ii. An examination of the benefits and challenges for organisations engaging with each of the stakeholder groups identified above. (AC1.2) Guidance for completion of Task 1

• The report should include sub headings. You may choose to include tables and diagrams (as appropriate) to support your discussion. • Your discussion should be underpinned with relevant theoretical principles. • You are encouraged to consider the use of well-chosen examples from an organisation you know well or have researched.

• For learners not currently in employment, there is the opportunity to base the response to the task on organisations which work extensively with stakeholders (i.e. charitable organisations, public sector bodies such as an NHS provider or educational provider). • For learners in work, there is the opportunity to consider the stakeholder relationships which occur in the delivery of a project or in the management of a department, in addition to the role of stakeholders within the organisation. • Refer to the indicative content for each assessment criteria (AC) outlined in the unit specification).


You have been asked to lead a stakeholder group that has been formed to review the services and support given to customers. It is a challenging remit as there is a likelihood that services will need to be cut or changed. The group comprises of internal and external stakeholders. This includes two team leaders who are based off-site, a finance officer, an equalities officer, a representative from the senior management team and three customers. There is also representation from a national consumer group who attend to represent customer interests. The review of services and support given to customers must be completed within a six month period. Qualitative and quantitative research will need to be undertaken to inform decision making. Given the range of internal and external stakeholders, individual roles and responsibilities will need to be determined, governance of the group established and aims and objectives set. 


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