The future of work

Description Each student will choose two topics on the course outline to research and analyze. The purpose of the brief is to develop research, writing and leadership skills, apply theory to contemporary issues, and analyze key aspects of controversial business issues. The brief is due on the day the topic is discussed in class, and the student will be asked to start the class with a short (verbal) overview of the topic. The brief should be no more than 5 pages in length, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, tightly organized with clear headings. The briefs are to be written individually. The brief should contain an analysis (not a summary), in your own words, of the issue, with references to current coverage of the issue in the media. This should include the following elements: a) A description of a particular topic from the book or from the class you wish to analyze • The point here is not to address or solve a specific company’s problem but to reflect upon the role the particular topic (e.g., “regulation”) plays in the business world and/or in the society at large. • You may discuss this in the context of a particular company or several companies and a specific issue, but those are just tools or examples to help you get a better understanding of how that particular topic gets discussed in the media and in the business world. For example, the point is not to analyze what Coke should do to cope with the industry structure but what looking at Coke reveals about the problems and challenges that businesses face when dealing with the particular industry structures. b) Explain how applying the material from the course to the specific issue discussed in the media helps you to understand that issue better. a. You should not try to use many concepts in a particular chapter to analyze the issue; whatever concept or concept(s) you use, do so accurately, systematically and show how the concept(s) apply(ies). b. Better use fewer concepts well than more concepts poorly. c. You may also discuss issues raised in the chapter (and additional readings) in the aggregate (without using just one concept). d. Show that you understand the particular concept and the issue discussed in the media. c) Explain your own view on how the business and society issue you chose to analyze should be addressed. • What is your personal opinion on how the particular issue should be addressed? Additional issues of note: • Use sources to support your claims and arguments. In other words, do not just throw claims about what is happening in a particular industry/organization; use references to support your claims. • The quality of writing is important! Use the document on Sakai to help you avoid various problems identified in it. Parts (b) and (c) are the core of the brief, and should have other subheadings within them. The key task is to demonstrate understanding of the issue, the relevant theory, the public debate, and to come up with a coherent structure for a paper. So the first topic i will choose is The future of work, the professor has focused on AI and the gig economy as two trends in work. You can stay with those, or, if you have other thoughts on the future of work, you are free to introduce other trends (with research to back it up).

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