Select one article from a current professional journal that deals


Select one article from a current professional journal that deals with research on an aspect of performance-based instruction and assessment. Provide an overview of the article with your opinion at the end to identify strengths and weaknesses of the article and recommendations.  

Suggested Research Topics:

History of the Performance Assessment Movement
Characteristics of Performance Assessments – Purposes of national, state, district, and school level assessments, format, scoring methods, types of assessment tasks
Impact of Performance Assessments on Teaching
Impact of Performance Assessments on Learning
Development and use of Portfolios/Electronic Assessments
Multiple Intelligences Learning Styles
Questioning Strategies
 Differentiated Instruction

 Thematic Units

 Cooperative Learning/Grouping
 Project Based Learning

Rubric for Article Summary

Summarize the selection using the headings listed below:

1. Purpose and Rationale (2 points)
2. Method/brief summary of the study methods, sample, etc. (1 point)
3. Main Idea and Details of the article (2 points)
4. Practical Applications – Your ideas regarding the usefulness of the research, Can you as a teacher/professional use this information? How the article applies to you and how you can use the content (5 points)

The length of the paper will be two  pages, double spaced. 12 point font. The practical applications and critique will be the longest and most thoughtful parts of your paper.

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