Select a state or federal law or regulation to patient safety that has been implemented within the last 5 years.

Discussion Prompt 1

Select a state or federal law or regulation related to patient safety that has been implemented within the last five years requiring hospitals or any other health care organizations to change the way they manage the delivery of care. Discuss the changes that have occurred because of this law or regulation.

Additionally, discuss the technology associated with either your selected law/regulation or a similar one. Are there ethical dilemmas that have resulted from technology changes when delivering care to patients or patient safety? Explain the dilemmas and how they might be resolved.

safety? Explain the dilemmas and how they might be resolved.

Discussion Prompt 2

Evidence-based practice is extremely important in nursing. Write a problem statement and perform a literature review in preparation for your ethical issues debate presentation. Describe what you think are the most important learning takeaways from the literature review resources you reviewed. (Problem statement: medical errors)

Expert Solution Preview

As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and evaluating student performance, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest laws and regulations related to patient safety. Additionally, staying informed about evidence-based practice is equally important to ensure students comprehend the significance of learning from the literature review.

Discussion Prompt 1:
One of the recent laws implemented in the United States is the 21st Century Cures Act. It was enacted in December 2016 to improve patient safety and health information technology. This law requires hospitals and healthcare organizations to manage care delivery using modern technology and electronic health records (EHRs) to minimize errors and reduce costs. Due to this law, several changes have occurred, including the implementation of a nationwide interoperability and information-blocking rule, aimed at improving interoperability across healthcare networks. Patient access and control of their medical information have also improved with the introduction of APIs that allow patients to access their health records.

However, technology changes tend to create ethical dilemmas in nursing practice. The use of EHRs can compromise confidentiality and privacy, leading to patients’ mistrust. Additionally, the automation of care delivery can lead to instances of care fragmentation, reducing the quality of care provided to patients. To resolve these issues, healthcare organizations should prioritize ethical and moral principles when using technology. Regular training and education on ethical principles should also be provided to healthcare professionals to ensure they provide care that is safe, effective, and compassionate.

Discussion Prompt 2:
Problem Statement: Medical errors are among the leading causes of patient morbidity and mortality worldwide. With over 250,000 deaths annually, medical errors have become a significant concern that requires immediate attention.

A literature review on medical errors revealed that communication breakdown, inadequate staffing, and lack of proper protocols are among the leading causes of medical errors. The most important learning takeaways from the literature review are that medical errors can be prevented with the implementation of specific protocols, proper communication, and adequate staffing. Additionally, preventing medical errors requires a comprehensive approach that involves healthcare organizations, healthcare providers, and government agencies.

As healthcare professionals, it is our responsibility to understand the importance of evidence-based practice to provide high-quality care that is safe, ethical, and effective. Understanding the root causes of medical errors and continuous learning from literature review resources can equip healthcare providers with knowledge to prevent medical errors and improve patient outcomes.

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