Refer to the readings and videos from this week and


Refer to the readings and videos from this week and previous weeks where necessary to answer the following questions:

1. How efficient are non-profit hospitals at providing uncompensated car vs for-profit hospitals?

2. What requirements are needed for a hospital to receive non-profit status?

3. Are a hospital’s financial losses on charity care an adequate measure of its social responsiveness to people’s unmet needs?

4. Does requiring hospitals to accept a minimum amount of annual financial loss on uncompensated care promote cost savings throughout the health care system?

5. How far does the safety-net provision of charity care in hospital emergency departments and clinics advance the goal of supporting healthy communities?

6. What distinguishes the act of giving care to someone who does not pay due to indigence?

Answer all of the questions and submit your answers to the dropbox by Sunday at midnight.  Your submission must be double spaced with 12-point font.

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