Reading: week2 supplemental reading This HW has you apply that

Reading: week2 supplemental reading This HW has you apply that knowledge in this week’s assignment by having you think about the following problem that can be solved with database tables:   

Imagine that you have to design a database that would match information about job postings and internship opportunities for candidate NYU graduating students   (So, instead of matching patrons to books as in the reading, you are matching students to jobs for this HW) 

Assume that you currently have separate sets of information (data) about:  

-Typical student information such as their identities, their grades, their courses taken, and other information, etc.

-Typical information about job postings and/or internships, such as role, requirements, location, paid/unpaid, and other characteristics, etc.

1) You would like to bring all of this information together in a relational database system.  Consider what data elements or variables do you think are necessary? 

2) How would you structure distinct tables?  (i.e. what would constitute a row in your table(s)?) 

3) How would you ensure information is stored efficiently? 

4) What keys would you use to relate tables to each other? (i.e. Describe how information in one table would link with information in another table)

5) If you wanted to add the capability of ‘automatically’ matching students to jobs and vice versa, explain via an illustrative example, how this automatic matching might work for your design. 

Just as the reading illustrated sample tables, and their relationships, your HW submission should show sample tables and relationships — so that I can understand your design, and how your design would work to solve the task at hand.  

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