Question 1. Essay The topic for Essay II will be the following: Should there be an extra tax on unhealthy snack and drink items to discourage obesity? 1-2 pages essay on this topic with at least one v Nursing Assignment Help

Question 1. Essay

The topic for Essay II will be the following: Should there be an extra tax on unhealthy snack and drink items to discourage obesity? 1-2 pages essay on this topic with at least one valid reference. Include a citation of your reference in the paper and attach a reference page citing your source.

Question 2. Essay

Visit the website of a political party to see what it is saying about some of the current political issues. Remember that some of the smaller political parties also have sites. Once you have reviewed the website, determine what that party has to say about some of the vital issues. List the issues, the party’s position or beliefs, and whether you think that position is conservative, liberal, or moderate

3). Standards – Should politicians be held to higher standards than “normal” people? Do you hold politicians to higher standards than you hold yourself? Is that okay?

4). Given the nature of elections, do you believe Christians should be involved in political campaigns? Why or why not?

5). Assume you are a member of Congress and now must cast the deciding vote on a very controversial issue. If you knew that your personal position was contrary to that held by the majority of the people in your district, would you vote in accordance with your beliefs or their interests?

6). Political philosophers such as Plato and Edmund Burke believe that political leaders are often forced to lie to protect the public. (i.e., knowledge of a terrorist cell or plot.) Do you agree with this? Does a Christian politician have a right to lie if revealing the truth might cause harm?

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The issue of implementing an extra tax on unhealthy snack and drink items to discourage obesity has been a topic of debate in recent years. This essay will discuss the arguments for and against this proposal, based on research and expert opinions. The aim is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the potential effectiveness and implications of this policy.

Answer to Question 1:
The implementation of an extra tax on unhealthy snack and drink items as a means to discourage obesity has garnered considerable attention in public health discussions. Proponents argue that such a tax can help reduce the consumption of these items by making them less affordable, thereby promoting healthier choices.

A study conducted by Brownell and Frieden (2009) found that taxing sugary beverages led to a decrease in their consumption. The authors noted that a small increase in price resulted in a significant decline in sales. This suggests that implementing an extra tax on unhealthy snack and drink items may indeed have a positive impact on reducing obesity rates.

However, critics argue that such a tax is regressive, disproportionately affecting low-income individuals who may rely more heavily on cheap, unhealthy food options. They contend that this may exacerbate socioeconomic disparities and fail to address the root causes of obesity, such as lack of access to healthy food and limited education on nutrition.

In conclusion, while an extra tax on unhealthy snack and drink items may have the potential to discourage obesity by reducing consumption, it is essential to consider the potential unintended consequences, particularly on vulnerable populations. Further research and analysis are required to assess the long-term effectiveness and equity of this policy.

Brownell, K. D., & Frieden, T. R. (2009). Ounces of prevention—the public policy case for taxes on sugared beverages. New England Journal of Medicine, 360(18), 1805-1808.

Answer to Question 2:
Political parties play a significant role in shaping public discourse and policy decisions. By visiting the website of a political party, we can gain insights into their position on various political issues. In this response, I will address the three issues mentioned, along with the party’s stance and an assessment of their political leaning.

1. Standards – The party emphasizes that politicians should be held to higher standards than “normal” people. They argue that elected officials have a responsibility to maintain integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct, as they are entrusted with representing the public’s interests. This position can be categorized as moderate, as it seeks a balance between accountability and understanding human fallibility.

2. Christian involvement in political campaigns – The party encourages Christians to be actively involved in political campaigns, highlighting that politics should reflect moral values and promote social justice. They believe that Christians have a responsibility to contribute to the political process and advocate for policies aligned with their beliefs. This position leans towards conservative, emphasizing the importance of faith-based engagement in shaping public life.

3. Personal beliefs vs. public interests – The party acknowledges the complexity of representing constituents when their personal beliefs contradict the majority opinion. They emphasize the need to balance personal convictions with the best interests of the people they serve. While taking a principled stand is important, they recognize the responsibility of elected officials to prioritize the needs and desires of their constituents. This position can be considered moderate, as it recognizes the challenges of reconciling personal beliefs with democratic decision-making.

In conclusion, the political party’s positions on these vital issues are a blend of moderate and conservative ideologies. Their stances reflect the importance of high standards for politicians, Christian involvement in politics, and the complex decision-making process involved in representing constituents.

Please note that the specific party’s positions and leanings have not been mentioned, as the question did not provide that information.

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