Putting texts in conversation “The Color of Violence”

General Tasks: Actively read Trask’s “The Color of Violence” (in CR). Complete your active reading of Sista Tongue. Review Pratt and Momaday. Post a response that addresses the specific issues below. Specific Instructions: For your posts in this forum, please do the following: Review / reflect on the texts by Pratt, Momaday, Kanae and Trask. From the four, put TWO texts into conversation. For example, how might Momaday’s text shed light on Kanae’s text—in terms of what each is saying and doing? Or, what can we learn by pairing Pratt’s concept of “contact zones” (or “transculturation” or “safe houses” etc) with Trask’s use of Fanon’s “peaceful violence”? In an 8-10 sentence paragraph, introduce the two texts and explain how you see them in conversation. Where are there similarities and where / how might they differ? How does one text influence your understanding of the other text (and vice versa)? In an 8-10 sentence paragraph, examine a specific strategy Kanae employs in her text that you find interesting and meaningful. This could be a specific image contained in the text. It could be how she presents particular kinds of information visually (how the sections on speech pathology look versus how her original thoughts are presented visually on the page, for example). It could be her use of personal narrative / storytelling or her use of HCE / Pidgin. Whatever strategy you choose, find a specific example of it at work in the text and examine its impact / effect on the reader and on Kanae’s point or purpose

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