PUB 610 Grand Canyon University Health Beliefs Culture & Cultural Values Discussion

Why is an understanding of health beliefs, culture, and cultural values relevant in the context of health communication? Describe ways in which health communication messages can potentially be at odds with cultural or spiritual values or health beliefs. Provide an example of a health communication message that illustrates culturally competent communication. How did this message address cultural values or health beliefs for the intended audience?

Please answer with a minimum of 300 words. Please cite any and all references.

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Cultural diversity is a significant factor in healthcare, and it’s essential for medical professionals to understand health beliefs and cultural values. The importance of this understanding is evident in health communication as it affects how healthcare information is received, perceived, and acted upon. Cultural competence is vital to ensure effective health communication.

The relevance of health beliefs, culture, and cultural values in health communication lies in the fact that people’s beliefs and values highly influence their decisions concerning healthcare. For instance, some cultures perceive healthcare as a responsibility of the family, and as such, an individual may prefer to seek medical care with his or her family member. In contrast, other cultures view health as a personal responsibility, and seeking medical attention individually is more important. The healthcare provider must, therefore, understand the patient’s cultural beliefs concerning healthcare to provide effective treatment that aligns with the patient’s values.

Health communication messages can potentially conflict with cultural values or health beliefs, leading to patients’ noncompliance. For example, a message to avoid certain foods or drinks could conflict with a patient’s cultural values and traditions, leading to the patient disregarding the advice. Another example is where religious values dictate the use of traditional medicines that may not align with western medicinal practices.

Culturally competent communication involves the incorporation of the patient’s cultural beliefs, values, and practices in healthcare delivery. An example of this is a health communication message to encourage mask-wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The message should address cultural values by incorporating the importance of protecting family and community members. For example, “wearing a mask protects your loved ones and community members” rather than “wearing a mask prevents you from contracting the virus.”

Medical professionals must understand cultural beliefs, values, and practices to provide effective healthcare services. Culturally competent communication involves incorporating cultural values and beliefs in healthcare messages to ensure that such messages align with the patients’ values. It’s imperative to acknowledge cultural differences when developing health communication strategies to ensure effective healthcare communication.

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