propose a topic for Change Proposal

Capstone Project: Change Proposal Topic

*The Capstone Project is designed to be completed in sections. This is part one of the assignment.

Propose a topic for your Change Proposal (600-750 words).

Use the feedback you have received on your proposed topics in the Main Forum and the availability of evidence in peer-reviewed nursing and medical journals to support your intervention, and choose a viable topic. (Attached)

Approval of your topic is mandatory, and must be completed prior to beginning the assignments for the Capstone Project. Future assignments submitted with unapproved topics will not be accepted.

Include the following:

1. Describe a health care barrier or issue that needs addressed.

2. Based on your Logic Model, present a brief summary of the health care barrier or issue presented: (a) Describe the problem, (b) Describe your proposed solution. Briefly discuss how your proposed solution will resolve barrier or issue for in health care, and (c) Discuss the expected outcomes for you initiating your proposal.

3. Find three to five peer reviewed articles that support your proposal. Include the article using APA format. Provide two or three sentences that explain why the article supports your proposed solution.

**This assignment requires that you support your position by referencing at least FOUR TO SIX SCHOLARLY RESOURCES. AT LEAST THREE OF YOUR SUPPORTING REFERENCES MUST BE FROM PEER-REVIEWED RESOURCES.

***Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines. You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

****You will be graded on:

1. Description of Problem and Relevancy to Barrier or Issue in Health Care: Problem is thoroughly defined with strong supporting references and evidence of its relevance and significance to a health care issue or barrier. Thorough subject knowledge and understanding is demonstrated.

2. Potential for Solution and Desired Outcome: Argument for solution is critically presented with supporting references. Desired outcome of project is well defined with a clear description of its implementation. Thorough subject knowledge and understanding is demonstrated.

3. Research Sources (Sources are appropriate, relevant, etc. Also, sources meet assignment quantity and type specifications, including evidence-based resources.): Source relevance is applicable and appropriate in all instances and sparks interest in the reader to pursue further investigation. References from appropriate sources (e.g., evidence-based resources) are included.

4. Argument Logic and Construction: Clear and convincing argument presents a persuasive claim in a distinctive and compelling manner.

Expert Solution Preview


As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and evaluating student performance, it is important to focus on health care issues and potential solutions that can positively impact patient outcomes. In this assignment, students are requested to propose a topic for their change proposal with supporting evidence from peer-reviewed nursing and medical journals.


The proposed topic for the Change Proposal is “Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates among Heart Failure Patients through Improved Patient Education and Telehealth Monitoring.” Hospital readmissions are a significant concern in healthcare, particularly for heart failure patients. Heart failure readmissions account for a large percentage of hospital readmissions, which lead to increased healthcare expenses, decreased patient satisfaction and negatively impact the quality of life.

The problem is the increasing readmission rates among heart failure patients, which could be attributed to poor patient education and lack of access to healthcare facilities. To address this issue, the proposed solution is to provide patient education and telehealth monitoring for heart failure patients, which can help them understand their condition better and manage their cardiovascular health while at home. By providing patients access to remote monitoring via telehealth technology, healthcare professionals can monitor their progress remotely and intervene if necessary.

The proposed solution is expected to resolve the identified issue by reducing hospital readmission rates among heart failure patients. According to studies, remote patient monitoring can reduce readmission rates and improve clinical outcomes for heart failure patients. The American Heart Association recommends that heart failure patients receive education including lifestyle changes, medication management, symptom recognition, and self-monitoring. Telehealth monitoring can provide personalized care and support to patients living with heart failure while reducing the burden on healthcare facilities.

Peer-reviewed articles supporting the proposed solution include:

1. “Telemonitoring in heart failure patients: The HHH study,” which found that telemonitoring reduces hospitalization rates among heart failure patients.

2. “Effects of telemonitoring on patients with heart failure, recent myocardial infarction, and pneumonia,” which showed a significant reduction in hospitalizations rates in patients monitored by telehealth.

3. “Telehealth interventions in heart failure patients: A systematic review,” which concluded that telehealth interventions could improve patient outcomes and reduce readmission rates.

In conclusion, the proposed topic for the Change Proposal focuses on reducing hospital readmission rates among heart failure patients through improved patient education and telehealth monitoring. The proposed solution is to educate patients and provide remote monitoring via telehealth technology, which has been shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospitalizations rates. By addressing this healthcare barrier, patients with heart failure can benefit from improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare expenses, and improved quality of life.

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