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Project Planning in Healthcare in Saudi Arabia In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to use a project planning tool to show how you will use information and imagination to show the project components for implementing a survey process at a physician facility. Review the Rocky Road to Patient Satisfaction at Leonard-Griggs case on pages 423–425 of your textbook. Create a Gantt chart (as in Exhibit 3.7 on page 72 of your textbook) for that project to show the timeline for implementing the survey at one of the physician practices. Your Gantt chart should have at least ten items in place, working to achieve the goal of instituting a survey to improve patient satisfaction over a nine-month period.

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In this assignment, students are tasked with creating a Gantt chart for a project planning tool that showcases the implementation of a survey process at a physician facility. This assignment aims to evaluate the student’s ability to use information and imagination efficiently while demonstrating their understanding of project management in the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia.

Creating a Gantt chart for the project is an excellent way to ensure effective project management. The Gantt chart uses a graphic representation to illustrate a project’s timeline and progress, making it a useful project planning tool.

To implement the survey at one of the physician practices in Saudi Arabia, the Gantt chart should include at least ten items that will work towards the goal of improving patient satisfaction over a nine-month period. These items should include tasks such as conducting research on the best survey methods, selecting the survey team, designing the survey, testing the survey process, and implementing the survey at the physician practice.

The Gantt chart should also include timelines for each task and should show the dependencies between tasks. The Gantt chart should be reviewed regularly to ensure the project stays on track.

In conclusion, the Gantt chart is an essential project planning tool for healthcare professionals in Saudi Arabia. It enables effective management of tasks and timelines and ensures the smooth implementation of the project. By using the Gantt chart to plan and implement a survey process, healthcare facilities in the country can significantly improve patient satisfaction levels.

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