pps Early Childhood Discussion


A Seat at the Table with Child Care Aware of America CEO Dr. Lynette Fraga is an award-

winning podcast about the role of early care and education in creating a flourishing society. The

podcast shares stories of innovation, creativity, and a desire for a more inclusive and equitable

setting for America’s children in its second season.  Dr. Fraga is a Latina, a proud mom of two,

and a passionate practitioner, advocate, and inspiring leader in the field of childcare and early

learning. Dr. Fraga believes in a shared vision of leadership — one that leads to more equitable

and justice-filled communities — and, ultimately, to greater innovation. 

This week’s discussion will focus on 4 podcasts from A Seat at the Table PodcastLinks to

an external site.

You will hear from 4 diverse professionals in early childhood.  I hope this will inspire leadership

options within your career journey.  Others will find the podcasts useful for advocating the

importance of financial resources within the profession.  Be sure to write down important

comments or viewpoints that stand out to you while listening. 

Look for the following podcasts when you view the page link.  Each podcast is about 30


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pps Early Childhood Discussion

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