PHASE 2 This assignment is part two of three parts

                                                                         PHASE 2

This assignment is part two of three parts to be completed in preparation for the final paper.

Review the Final Paper: Details and Guidelines document (in the Handouts area of MyCC) and submit the first draft of your final paper. 

This paper will be shorter since it is an outline for the final project. In narrative form, address the following questions:

  1. The title of the organization you wish to study
  2. Its size—here is a source of definition for small, medium and large companies: SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES (SMES). Cambridge College would be a medium sized company with 50+ employees and an annual budget under $50 million.
  3. Make sure to identify the type of industry: PFP; NPO; NGO; Gov.; Mil; Edu.; .com. For example, Cambridge College is in the Higher Education Industry (edu) and its Business is providing degrees for adult learners. It is an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) as opposed to a publicly held company which issues stock.
  4. Why have you picked this company? Give a brief overview of its history, background, and mission.
  5. What is your preliminary (recall this is a draft) view of this company through the lens of the four frame theory?
  6. What examples, illustrations, stories, cases, quotes, etc. can you use to support your theory? Provide sources of information.
  7. What would be an early view of the organization’s health? Unhealthy organizations (toxic workplaces?) may exhibit some symptoms of organizational malaise: losing money; departure of key people; problems retaining employees (lots of turnovers); critical stories in the press; employee unrest (strikes, work stoppages, sabotage, walkouts, complaints, grievances, etc.).

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