Part 1: Help Text and a Chosen Interface Explain any


Part 1: Help Text and a Chosen Interface

Explain any two of the following concepts as they apply to an interface of your choice:

  • Contextual help text
  • Procedural help text
  • Reference help text
  • Conceptual help text

Begin this section with the specific identification of the interface itself. Write in full sentences and provide a separate paragraph for each of your 2 chosen concepts as they apply to this interface. Write at least 80 words for this part of the paper and use appropriate terminology.

Part 2: Typography Concepts

Use appropriate sources and learn more about the study of text.

Define the following terms in a table or bulleted list, writing full sentences for the definitions in your own words. Provide an example of how each one might be used in an interface. Use in-text citations to identify the sources of your information (this means that each definition must be cited).

  • Leading
  • Kerning
  • Tracking
  • Widow
  • Orphan
  • Anti-aliasing

Part 3: Design Concepts

Answer three of the following questions, each in its own paragraph. This part is not research; the content is to be written in your own words, using your critical thinking skills and your understanding from the unit reading. Do not copy the questions. Write at least 35 words for each paragraph.

  • Why is justified alignment not typically considered good design? Does the device make a difference for this?
  • Why is it important to provide well-written headings/subheadings on an interface?
  • Why is text written in all caps harder to read?
  • Why might it be a good idea to use the default color for hyperlinked text?
  • What text design concepts must the designer consider if moving a website application to a mobile application?

Part 4: Accessibility

Not everyone can see the text or graphics on a website. In your own words, discuss at least 2 ways in which websites should consider users with these disabilities.

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