(SOLVED) Identify the psychoanalytical theories and the related stage that match Ali’s age in each theory.

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Ali, 2-years old child, is going with his mother to a craft store. Ali has a packet of stickers in his hand. In one of the store's lanes, he removes a glass vase from a shelf, and his mother politely asks him to put it back. Ali fails to comply, so the mother says, "I'm going to count to five and if you don't put the vase back, then you're going to lose the stickers." Ali again ignores his mother’s request, but the mother did not take the stickers from Ali. Later he saw crayons and asked his mother to buy it; the mother refused and told him, “we have plenty at home”. Ali begins to scream loudly and hit and bite his mother. Ali’s mother tells him he can watch his favorite program, Paw Patrol in the van on the way home to calm him down.


Identify the psychoanalytical theories and the related stage that match Ali’s age in each theory.


Describe how Ali’s mother can change Ali’s behavior by using Skinner’s Operant Conditioning theory


In this question you will use the following resources to answer the questions.

Research in action: Do infants and toddlers watch too much television? Table 2 in your textbook (page 142).





A- Recent research has explored whether television time for toddlers can help with language acquisition and early learning. What did the authors in your textbook report?

B- The American Academy of Pediatrics had a special committee study and report back in a policy statement about the use of media and young minds. (i) What is the name of the committee? (1 point) (ii) Name 3 reasons why guidance is offered to families about screen time for children (0 to 5 years).

C- Using the provided references, explain how health care providers can share with parents the recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics

D- Describe an alternative activity that parents can do with their child that is suggested in 10 No-Cost, Screen-Free Actvities to Play with your Preschooler

Discuss the response of Ali’s mother by answering questions A and B accordingly.

A- Describe four types of parenting style.

B- Which type of parenting style matches Ali’s mother style? Support your answer with a justification from the Case Scenario.


List at least three references you have used to complete this case analysis by using APA referencing style.

Expert Solution Preview

Recognize the psychoanalytical hypotheses and the connected stage that match Ali's age in every hypothesis.


Psychoanalytical hypotheses propose that the kid's improvement happens in stages. Two of the most notable psychoanalytical hypotheses are Sigmund Freud's psychosexual hypothesis and Erik Erikson's psychosocial hypothesis.

At two years old, as per Freud's psychosexual hypothesis, Ali is in the........................