ServSafe Chapter 12 Review

Discipline: Food & Nutrition

Type of Paper: Question-Answer

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 275


List the (4) kinds of cleaners

  1. degreasers
  2. delimers
  3. abrasive
  4. detergents

What are detergents used for?

Removes dirt from floors, walls, ceilings, prep surfaces and equipment surfaces, remove wax, baked on grease

What are solvent cleaners/ degreasers used for?

They are used to break down and clean baked on grease

What are acid cleaners/ delimers used for?

Used to clean mineral deposits made by hard water

What are abrasive cleaners used for?

Baked- on food, hard to remove dirt

Why must you be careful when using abrasive cleaners?

They can scratch surfaces

How hot must the temperature be to sanitize using HIGH HEAT in s 3- compartment sink?

For how long must you soak for?

171 degrees F, 30 seconds

What are the (3) most commonly used chemical sanitizers and their PPM?

  1. Iodine : PPM 12.5- 25
  2. Chlorine : PPM 50- 99
  3. Quats : PPM manufacturers recommendation

What do you use to test the concentration of a chemical sanitizing solution?

Sanitation test kit

Where should sanitation wiping towels/ cloths be stored between uses?

Inside, submerged in the sanitation solution

WHERE should soap and sanitation buckets be stored in between uses when being used at a prep station?

Off the floor

What temperature must the final rinse be on a HIGH TEMPERATURE ware washing machine?

Stationary: 165 degrees F

Conveyer: 180 degrees F

Why can't the temperature be too hot?

It will not properly sanitize the dishes. The water will evaporate before sanitizing and may bake foods onto dishes.

What temperature must the final rinse be on a chemical sanitizing ware washing machine?

Follow temperature guidelines provided by the manufacturer

What are the (5) steps in washing by hand in a 3- compartment sink? (when you are washing dishes)

  1. Rinse, scrape, or soak items before washing
  2. Wash items in the first sink
  3. Rinse items in the second sink
  4. Sanitize items in the third sink
  5. Air dry items on a clean and sanitized surface

How do you properly store mops, brooms and brushes in a chemical closet?

They should be hooked and hanging off the floor