(SOLVED) Person to identify and select the preferred option. Josephine is from Africa.

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Assist a person to identify and select the preferred option.

Josephine is from Africa. She came to Australia as a refugee and after living here for some years she obtained Australian citizenship. She is a trained childcare worker but lost her job after an injury to her back. She is 60 years of age and has been unemployed for the past 18 months. During this time, she has applied unsuccessfully for hundreds of jobs. Feedback from one of her interviews indicated that her back injury and her age were counted against her. She was unable to pay her rent and lost her housing and at present is staying with a friend, sleeping on the sofa. She is on the waiting list for public housing but because she is single, she is not high priority and she has applied to rent several properties available in the private sector. The agent at the last house told her that the owner was not happy to rent the property to African people because he had a bad experience with his last tenants, who were from Sudan. Centrelink have called her in for a review of her employment support payment and have told her she must accept any job she is offered, including work in remote areas. She has strong ties to her local African community and is an active member of her local church and does not want to leave her local area. Josephine approaches her local council for assistance who refer her to a community services organisation. After discussing her situation, she is provided with information about her rights and is supported in her quest to find meaningful work. With assistance, she notes her strengths and weaknesses and is guided to focus on her preferred work options. With a targeted approach, she is finally able to secure a good job in a childcare facility.

Work in collaboration with one client to identify their interest, needs, and rights, this should include

* Engaging in appropriate communications
* Informing the client of rights and responsibilites

* Assisting the client to identify appropriate services

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As Josephine's case manager, it is important to work collaboratively with her to identify her interests, needs, and rights. This can be done through......