Hunters Ed Final Exam

Discipline: Veterinary

Type of Paper: Question-Answer

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 275


Veterinary Medicine/Animal Sciences

define good marksmanship
ability to shoot where you aim

a common cause of a hunting incident is _____________
hunter judgment mistakes

the worst angle for a shot at the vital organs on a deer is from _______
rear end

if crossing a fence while hunting alone, you should _______________
unload the gun and place it on the other side with the muzzle pointed away, then cross

what is used to raise and lower items from a tree stand?
haul line of heavy cord

define carrying capacity
number of animals the habitat can support all year long

what are the 3 questions you should ask before taking a shot?
is the shot safe? is the shot legal?, is the shot ethical?

aldo leopold defined ethical behavior as ___________________
doing the right thing when no one is looking

how can hypothermia be prevented?
dressing properly, avoiding potentially dangerous weather conditions, drying out as quickly as possible when wet, high calorie food

how do you treat heat exhaustion?
move to cooler place and drink water, fan to lower body temperature, don't over-chill

landowners have the right to _______________
prevent hunting and taking a downed animal off property

to learn about hunting and become an ethical hunter you must have the right ____________

name the 3 basic parts of a firearm
stock, barrel, action

what does the action of a firearm do?
load, fire, eject cartridges

define safety
mechanical device that blocks the trigger or hammer to help prevent accidental firing

federal tax aid is given to Texas Parks and Wildlife through what means?
Pittman Robertson Act

1st rule of firearm safety
point the muzzle in a safe direction

where is the caliber stamped on the firearm?
end of the barrel

what is the 1st step to becoming a responsible hunter?
knowing your firearm and how to use it safely

why is knowing your firearm's range important?
lets you immediately assess when a shot will give a clean kill

how should firearms be stored?
unloaded and in a locked location, separate from ammo

it is important to become certified in Hunter Safety because____________
it teaches the practice of firearm and hunting safety

what is the book Texas Parks and Wildlife prints out each year?
outdoor annual

what should be worn when hunting from an elevated, open blind (bow blind)
safety harness

what is the zone of fire?
area in which a hunter can shoot safely

what should you make sure of before shooting an animal when other animals are near?
you won't hit any other animals

what does the field carry of a firearm look like?
muzzle pointed in safe direction, safety on, finger outside trigger guard

when loading and unloading firearms, where should the muzzle be pointed?
away from any people

what is the best means to ethically transport deer or other wildlife after the harvest?
keep tag on game, dont process deer beyond quartering, evidence of sex

list the safest means to transport firearms
unload and case, action open or gun broken down

what is the safest thing to do when hunters are traveling in a group?
keep muzzle pointed away from others

wasting meat is something an ________ hunter would not do

what are 3 types of international emergency signals?
three shots, three blasts on a whistle, three flashes of mirror

define habitat
where a species fulfills its basic life need

what are the steps for properly tagging a white-tail deer?
complete tag immediately, cut month and day of harvest, in ink write name of ranch and county

Texas Game Wardens can inspect where for suspected violations?
any land or body of water

what are the items needed in a hunting plan?
who, what , when, where, how

treating both game and non game animals with respect are actions of a _______ hunter

when hunting on public lands, the most important item of clothing is ________clothing

aiming for the vital area on game is considered ____________

what causes meat to spoil?
dirt, heat, moisture

what is the most effective shot angle on a deer?
vital organs

how should you approach downed game without knowing if the shot was 100% effective?
approach carefully from behind

when should an animal be tagged?
right after it is killed

what are the reasons for hunting laws and regulation?
game conservation, safety, fair chase

aiming at the right area on a game animal like whitetail makes for a ________ and ____________ kill
quick and clean

before climbing in to an elevated blind always _________ your firearm

what is needed for survival if you become lost?
shelter, fire, and signal