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More than any career nursing deals with giving hope to the hopeless.  “Sometimes spiritual care means simply being present, praying, sharing from scripture, offering a word of witness and encouragement or participating in a healing service. At other times it may include arranging referrals, planning creative strategies for follow-up care in the home or helping a person become connected to a Christian community.” (Shelly & Miller, 2006) My idea of spiritual care includes being present for the patient as well as being a support for them and encouraging them.  I believe in building a person up no matter what, I think that being a positive support for my patients is the best way for me to care for them spiritually because of all the different religions and cultures, caring for one another is the basis of relationships.  By building these relationships through caring I can then become deeper involved in spiritual care for my patient if the opportunity arises.

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Providing hope to the hopeless is a central aspect of nursing. Spiritual care involves being present for patients, offering support and encouragement, and participating in healing services. It can also involve arranging referrals, planning follow-up care, and helping patients connect with a Christian community. Building relationships through caring is foundational to spiritual care, as it allows for deeper involvement in the patient’s spiritual well-being. Regardless of religious or cultural differences, being a positive support to patients is crucial in providing effective spiritual care.

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