Organization Charts and Metropolis Health System Case Study

  1. Obtain listings of healthcare organizations from the yellow pages of a telephone book.
  2. Set up a worksheet listing the classifications of organizations found in Exhibit 1–1.
  3. Enter the organizations you found in the yellow pages onto the worksheet.
  4. For each organization indicate the type of organization.
  5. If some cannot be identified by type, comment on what you would expect them to be; that is, proprietary, voluntary, or government owned.

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As a medical professor, it is important to provide assignments that challenge and educate medical college students. In the following assignment, students are tasked with obtaining healthcare organization listings from a telephone book and identifying their classifications. This exercise will help students understand the different types of healthcare organizations and their ownership structure.

The assignment requires medical college students to obtain listings of healthcare organizations from a telephone book, set up a worksheet, and list the organizations according to their classifications found in Exhibit 1-1. Students must also indicate the type of organization for each entry and comment on organizations that cannot be identified by type. This exercise will help students improve their understanding of healthcare organizations and ownership structures. It will also strengthen their analytical and research skills.

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