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An RN walks into a patient’s room and encounters the patient with his arms crossed. The patient states in a loud voice, “How come I’m not being taken care of in this hospital?” The patient points to the covered tray on the table across the room and states,” My lunch tray is sitting over there, and I can’t reach it. My call light has been on for the last 30 minutes, and nobody has responded. My wife was right when she said the care here is deplorable!“

Initial Discussion Post:

Address the following:

  • Describe which communication style the RN should use to benefit the patient in this scenario.
  • Provide two conflict resolution strategies for the RN to use when responding to the patient.

Base your initial post on your readings and research of this topic. Your initial post must contain a minimum of 250 words. References, citations, and repeating the question do not count towards the 250 word minimum.

Expert Solution Preview

In this scenario, the RN is faced with a patient who is expressing frustration and dissatisfaction with the care provided. To effectively address the patient’s concerns, the RN should employ the communication style known as assertive communication. This style allows the RN to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs in a respectful and direct manner, while also actively listening to the patient’s concerns.

By using assertive communication, the RN can establish an open dialogue with the patient, demonstrating empathy and understanding while also setting clear boundaries and expectations. This style helps to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration, which is essential in resolving conflicts and addressing the patient’s needs.

Additionally, the RN can utilize conflict resolution strategies to effectively respond to the patient’s concerns. Two strategies that can be employed are active listening and seeking a win-win solution.

Active listening involves giving full attention to the patient’s concerns, maintaining eye contact, and using verbal and non-verbal cues to show understanding. By actively listening, the RN can demonstrate empathy and validate the patient’s feelings, which can help in diffusing the patient’s anger or frustration.

Seeking a win-win solution involves identifying common goals and finding a mutually beneficial resolution. In this scenario, the RN can acknowledge the patient’s frustration and apologize for the delayed response. The RN can then explain the reasons for the delay, such as staff shortages, and assure the patient that steps will be taken to address the situation. Offering a concrete action plan, such as ensuring timely assistance and proper communication, can help in resolving the conflict and meeting the patient’s needs.

In conclusion, the RN should utilize assertive communication to establish a respectful and collaborative relationship with the patient. By actively listening and employing conflict resolution strategies such as active listening and seeking win-win solutions, the RN can address the patient’s concerns and work towards a resolution. This approach promotes effective communication and helps in providing quality care to the patient.

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