NOTE: You will submit a draft of this assignment and


NOTE: You will submit a draft of this assignment and will then be assigned to peer review the assignments of two (2) of your classmates. Complete your assigned peer reviews, keeping to the guidelines for effective peer review discussed in Module 2. Use the feedback you receive to revise  and submit the final version of your work.

In addition to designing a resume, write a separate LinkedIn headline and summary of your general qualifications that would appeal to recruiters and hiring managers.

Your headline should function like the headline of an advertisement. It is designed to capture readers’ attention and make them want to know more. A LinkedIn headline can be up to 120 characters.

Your summary is not a restatement of your resume. It is styled and organized to appeal to recruiters and hiring managers. Write several paragraphs about yourself, your goals, the career you’re looking for, and your education (LinkedIn allows you to write up to 2,000 characters, including spaces). Employers want to know what you can do for them, so tell them in these paragraphs. Don’t be afraid of explaining what you’re capable of in your summary (See Palmer’s supplemental LinkedIn reading for more information (Links to an external site.)).

The headline and summary will be assessed on content and persuasiveness

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