MHA 506 University of Phoenix Health Care Advertising Discussion

Open your web browser and search for recent health care advertisements from similar health care services, facilities, or other health sector-related occupations (e.g., labor supply, productivity improvement, technology, or personnel benefit design).

Select three advertisements and deconstruct each one to evaluate the marketing strategies employed. Do not just write about three organizations. Find a specific advertisement from each organization, and analyze the ad.

Write a 525- to 700-word paper evaluating the advertisements you selected and how they are effective or ineffective in their design.

Consider the following when writing your paper:

· Trade-offs (a description of what the customer might need to do in order to use the service. Are advance appointments necessary?)

· Personal cost (does the customer need to change their behavior?)

· Incentives (describe any type of reward or other incentive in any of the ads.)

Open trade

· Marketing strategy(s) employed (describe whether they emphasize quality, speed, convenience, cost, etc.)

· Targeted demographics (try to determine who the target customer is with specifics)

· Value exchange (explain how the ads communicate a sense of value at least equal to the cost and effort required to buy the product or service. Is the product worth it?)

· “Five Cs” framework (The Five C’s can be found by Googling “Five C’s of Marketing.”)

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In this paper, we will evaluate three health care advertisements from similar health care services, facilities, or other health sector-related occupations. The paper will examine the marketing strategies employed, effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the design of the ads, trade-offs, personal costs, incentives, open trade, targeted demographics, value exchange, and the “Five Cs” framework.


Advertisement 1: Hospital A

The advertisement for Hospital A mainly emphasizes the quality of their services. The ad starts with the headline “Care That Makes a Difference.” There is also an image of a happy patient and an expert healthcare provider in a doctor’s uniform. The ad mentions several medical specialties that Hospital A provides such as neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, and oncology. The ad also highlights the state-of-the-art facility and the advanced medical equipment that the hospital has. The “Five Cs” framework in this ad is that Hospital A is providing the customer with the confidence that they are receiving high-quality care.

Targeted demographics for this ad are people who are looking for specialized medical care, possibly dealing with serious medical problems or have loved ones who are. The personal cost involved would be financial and travel cost. The user may need an advance appointment to schedule the specialized care. A potential open trade may be the willingness of the care providers to travel to provide care to the patient while incentivizing the story of the successful medical treatment of a patient on their site.

Advertisement 2: Health App B

Health App B utilizes a convenience-based strategy. The ad’s logo states, “Your health in your hands.” The ad’s central message is that the app can help users keep track of their health, allowing them to manage symptoms, find health facilities and professionals, and monitor their goals regarding their health. Health App B’s ad shows the company’s app being used on a smartphone by an urban woman in her twenties. The “Five Cs” framework in this ad is convenience and cost-effectiveness since the app is free, and a user can track their health from anywhere at any time.

The targeted demographics for this app is people in their twenties to forties who are technologically adept. The personal cost involved is learning and navigating the app until the user reaches a level of comfort with the application. Some incentives provided are the free nature of the app and the convenience of being able to monitor your own health information.

Advertisement 3: Medical Facility C

Medical Facility C advertises their services by emphasizing their fast service. It features people waiting for long hours for health care and contrasting them with people who were served quickly at Medical Facility C. The ad’s headline reads, “Don’t waste your time in line.” The medical facility is most likely an urgent care facility that provides quick, basic medical care. The “Five Cs” framework for this ad is speed and cost-effectiveness, with a focus on reduced wait time.

Targeted demographics for this ad are people who need medical care urgently but not serious enough to visit a hospital. The personal cost involved is the cost for the services rendered and the time saved. The user may be incentivized by Medical Facility C’s quick and efficient service.


The above advertisements utilize different marketing strategies. Advertisement 1 emphasizes quality, advertisement 2 convenience, and advertisement 3 speed. The targeted demographics and personal costs differ for each ad. Nonetheless, each ad is designed to communicate a sense of value that attests to the cost and effort required to purchase a product or service. It is essential to note that the advertisements use a combination of incentives that could include financial, time-saving, and psychological. Health care organizations must understand how to influence potential customers and communicate their advertised value. The analysis’ trade-offs, personal cost, incentives, open trade, targeted demographics, value exchange, and the Five Cs provide a comprehensive evaluation tool for health care advertisements.

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