LDR 615 Grand Canyon Acknowledge Short Terms Wins & Measurable Success Discussion

Please complete both parts…

Part 1- Discuss the importance of identifying and acknowledging short-term wins during change. What types of short-term wins are most meaningful? Why?

Part 2- During a change initiative, what can organizations use to identify or verify truly objective and measureable success? What does your organization utilize to measure its level of success?

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The topic of change management is crucial in today’s dynamic business environment. In the field of medical education, introducing new policies, methodologies, or systems can significantly impact student performance. As a medical professor, it is important to understand the significance of identifying and acknowledging short-term wins during change and how organizations can measure the success of their change initiatives.

Part 1:

It is vital to identify and acknowledge short-term wins during change because it provides motivation to continue the change process. Short-term wins represent progress towards the ultimate goal, and acknowledging these wins can create a positive impact on the involved parties. Additionally, recognizing short-term wins can create confidence and buy-in for the change initiative.

The most meaningful types of short-term wins are those that have a direct positive effect on the involved parties. For instance, in the context of medical education, if a new system or methodology helps students score better grades in their exams, it can be considered a meaningful short-term win. Additionally, if the change process results in improved student engagement, retention, or satisfaction, it can be considered meaningful.

Part 2:

Organizations can use various tools to identify or verify truly objective and measureable success. One such tool is data analytics, which can provide concrete evidence of the outcomes of the change initiative. For example, analyzing student performance data before and after the implementation of a new methodology can help measure the success of the initiative objectively. Another tool that organizations can use is feedback surveys, which can provide qualitative insights into the effectiveness of the change initiative.

In our organization, we use data analytics to measure the success of our change initiatives. We collect and analyze various data points, including student performance, attendance, and feedback to understand the effectiveness of our change initiatives. Additionally, we also use feedback surveys to gather qualitative insights into the perceptions and opinions of our stakeholders regarding the change initiative.


Change management is a critical process that impacts the success of organizations. As a medical professor, understanding the importance of identifying short-term wins and measuring success objectively can help improve student performance and engagement. Organizations can use various tools to measure the success of their change initiatives, including data analytics and feedback surveys.

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