Instructions Now that you have selected a topic for your

Now that you have selected a topic  for your final presentation, this week you will need to construct your  annotated bibliography using APA style. For this assignment, you need to  select a minimum of 8 sources that you plan on using for your  presentation and then construct the annotations for each source. The  concept of constructing a bibliography is certainly not new for most  students, but you may not be as comfortable adding annotations to the  bibliography entries.

After you select a source and reference it in APA format, construct  the annotation for the source. The annotation is really just answering a  few questions about the sources itself and once you answer these  questions this part of the assignment almost creates itself. Answer the  following 6 questions for each source:

  1. Main purpose of the source
  2. Intended audience for the source
  3. Relevance to your topic (or explain why it was not relevant to your topic)
  4. Author’s background and credibility
  5. Author’s conclusions or observations
  6. Your conclusions or observations

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