In your responses to Jennifer and Ashley, comment on any


In your responses to Jennifer and Ashley, comment on any part of the results they report that are not clear. Based on what has been reported in the post, can you think of any other interpretations of the data?

Jennifer post

The journal article I chose to analyze is a correlational study on the effects of violent video games.  The dependent variable is the effect on aggression from violent video games and the independent variable was the video games. 

Participants in this study consisted of participants from a previous study of 603 mostly Hispanic youths. The current study had 536 children of which 96.8 percent were Hispanic youths between the ages of 10-14. Some of the statistical measures used by the author in this study include questionnaires, snowball sampling, t-tests, Likert-scales and psychometric properties. Their finding concluded that there was a limited correlation between the two variables. They also noticed that boys were affected more than girls in presenting violent behaviors after playing violent video games.

According to the author the correlations between the video game violence exposure in the T1 study (initial study) and the current T2 study (current study) was that there was only a notable change for bullying but not the other six variables. (Negative life events, family environment, family violence, depressive symptoms, serious aggression, bullying, and delinquent behavior)

The results support that there is some correlation between the violence in video games and its effects on children over time but not a momentous change. This study according to the author was the first to use measures of aggression and violence as well as control several other factors that could influence youth violence. The author indicates also that the hypothesis does not support that violent video games exposure leads to serious acts of aggression. 

Ashley post

  • Researchers often go through several stages of data analysis and often conduct many different statistical tests to examine the data. Within the article Suicidal ideation and attempts following a short-term period of art-based intervention: An experimental investigation (Abdulah & Abdulla, 2020) the independent and dependent variables were women who were 14 Yezidi women and girls who endured Isis. 4 participants were abducted leaving with or without their families. The remaining 10 left their homes attack.
  • The statistical measures that the authors used, and the findings were the separate calculations that were performed for both past suicidal ideation and attempts and the effectiveness of the art-based experience course.
  • Yes, I do believe that the results were statistically due to the information that was gathered and how the study was conducted. 
  • Yes, the results do support the hypothesis which showed that the participation of women who have suffered from traumatic experiences have had success with creative art-based sessions in which decreases suicidal attempts. 
  • The research study might expand on the different traumas people go through, different age groups, alongside different genders. That way we can have better results on the benefit of art therapy and its effects on suicidal ideation and attempts. 



Assignment Content

  1. Working in business management means taking on responsibility to lead your organization in a variety of situations. Part of that responsibility is understanding where an organization has been and where it’s going. In this course, you put yourself in the shoes of a manager and use resources to make decisions on where an organization is heading in respect to business needs, organizational structure, leadership strategies, and change management. Some of the information needed may be easy to locate, but other information may take time and effort to find. Some may even need assumptions based on research. These research and strategizing skills will be useful in your business management career.

    Select a company and learn about its history. This will prepare you for your Wk 2 Analysis.

    Note: Some reports are more recent than others. It’s in your best interest to find a company with a recent (within 2 years) report.

    Select 1 global company from “Business Source Complete: SWOT Analyses” located in the University Library to use for the next 5 weeks (this will sometimes be referred to as “your company”).

    Create a chart or outline that conveys the following information:

    • Name of company
    • Industry
    • Brief history of company
    • At least 3 milestones from the company’s history
    • 3 resources (in addition to Business Source Complete) where you can locate company information in future weeks. This may include company websites, current employees, journals, etc.
    • Define 1 new unique business opportunity the company can do to increase their competitive advantage.
    • Identify a function of management that is needed for this opportunity.