In this Module 5 Discussion, we shall discuss how to

In this Module 5 Discussion, we shall discuss how to use R to conduct regression/classification trees and to use Excel to illustrate the regression deviance rule used in splitting the nodes. Please answer the questions by filling out the blank on the right hand side of the table.

To answer these questions, please go over the examples (Example 1,2,3) in our official class textbook and go to the reference textbook Chapter 9 (all found in this week’s Reading & Resources) to find and then fill in the blanks for answers to the following questions. You may also refer to some open resources to find relevant answers to fill in those blanks as answers.





What are the R functions in those example you can use to generate classification tree, cross validation and the function to summarize the results, etc.?


Explain what is divide-and-conquer partitioning and how it works?


Please open the attached Excel file to fill in the blank in it according to the instructions in it. Then post it in your discussion post to show your understanding of the “regression deviance” used in splitting at nodes.

Table 13-1 with Excel.JPG

In your response to other students, suggest changes to their design that you think would make it a stronger study, or ask clarifying questions if anything was unclear or somewhat confusing.

Discussion Guidelines