In this assignment, you will locate a mentor text in

 In this assignment, you will locate a  mentor text in the form of a dissertation that may or may not be similar  to your own topic to use as a model while you write your chapter 2.  It  is most helpful to find a dissertation with a literature review similar  to your own, but if that is not possible, you may look for the next  best option.  Directions: 

  1. Use ProQuest Dissertations to locate mentor text dissertation (preferably it would  be related to your topic). 
  2. You may need to use advanced search options to help narrow your search. 
  3. Scan read the entire dissertation. 
  4. Carefully read the literature review section. 
  5. Provide a one-paragraph summary of the entire literature review.  
  6. Write a second paragraph about what you learned through reviewing chapter 2. 

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