In “Social Media’s Growing Impact on Our Lives,” Summer Allen

In “Social Media’s Growing Impact on Our Lives,” Summer Allen (2019) writes, “The question as to how social media affects psychological well-being—both for teens and adults—is a common one. While some studies have found associations between social media use and loneliness, depression, and poor life satisfaction, these associations don’t necessarily mean that social media is to blame.”

Take a position. Does social media positively or negatively impact psychological well-being?

First, title your post either “Social Media Positively Impacts Psychological Well-Being” or “Social Media Negatively Impacts Psychological Well-Being.”

For your initial post, address the following:

  • Make your case by persuasively arguing your position. Include at least one scholarly article to support your position.
  • Link social media’s effect on psychological well-being to at least one programmatic course theme:
    • Self-care
    • Social justice
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Career connections
    • Ethics