I’m working on a environmental science multi-part question and need


I’m working on a environmental science multi-part question and need support to help me understand better.I would like you to complete the above chart calculating how long the supply of each mineral will last if we continue to use at the average global rate, and then if everyone consumed the minerals at the same rate as the United States. All numbers in the chart are in thousands of metric tons.Use Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel to create and fill in the chart. Submit completed chart along with the answers to the questions below in a single word document. Then answer these four questions.1. https://weassistessays.com/share-your-written-proposal-with-your-manager-supervisor-or-other-colleague-in/ Which of these eight metals will last the longest under current economic conditions and the current rates of global consumption? For which of these metals will economic reserves be depleted fastest?2. If the average citizen of the world consumed metals at the rate that the average U.S. Citizen does, which of these eight metals’ economic reserves would last the longest?3. In this chart our calculations of years of supply left do not factor in population growth. All else being equal, how do you think population growth will affect these numbers?4. Describe two general ways that we could increase the years supply left for these metals. https://convenienthomeworkhelpers.com/1-watch-this-video-to-learn-how-heat-affects-consumer-psychology-duration-8m1/ What do you think it will take to accomplish this?
Requirements: 400 words

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