Harvard Univeristy Reason And Reasonable Discussion

Consider the case study.

After graduating from college with a degree in nursing, Andy finds a solid job, gets married, and has two sons. Twelve years later, he moves to a position at another hospital promising him steady advancement within its managerial ranks. A devoted family man, Andy admires his wife’s dedication to raising their boys. But he also observes that his sons, approaching their teen years, benefit greatly from his fatherly friendship and counsel- especially as they approach what he and his wife realize could prove to be a difficult transitional period in their upbringing. So he has made a commitment to spend plenty of time with them, playing baseball and helping with their schoolwork. But he also loves his work, and does well at it. It has become apparent that to advance rapidly up the managerial ranks at this hospital, he should obtain a graduate degree. A nearby university offers the degree in an evening-and-weekend program that would allow him to continue full-time employment, but would soak up his free time for the next several years and throw most of the family activities into his wife’s hands.

Step 2 In your original post, address the following questions relating to the dialogue.

Assume the perspective of Andy within this scenario. In keeping with Andy’s point of view, address the following:

Define the concept of reasonableness.

Where should Andy focus his attention? Why?

How do you believe someone like Andy is capable of incorporating non-rational mental processes into his critical thought? How are we able to engage in this intense level of cognition?

  • What rational and emotional principles are at work in your view?
  • Step 3 Read and respond to two other students’ posts by Friday 11:59pm MT.
  • Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them. In addition to other comments you may have, address the following questions in your response posts:
  • Imagine you are Andy’s wife. Where do you believe Andy should focus the majority of his attention moving forward? Why?

How would you define the concept of reasonableness from the perspective of Andy’s wife?

As Andy’s wife, do you feel there are any emotional principles at work here? Are there any rational principles? If so, explain.

Use any personal experience if appropriate to help support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support your opinions.

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Harvard Univeristy Reason And Reasonable Discussion

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In this case study, we are presented with Andy, a college graduate in nursing who has been offered a job at another hospital with the promise of steady advancement. Andy is a committed family man who values spending time with his wife and two sons. However, he also wants to advance in his career and believes that obtaining a graduate degree is necessary for rapid advancement. The evening-and-weekend program at a nearby university seems like a viable option, but it would require sacrificing his free time and placing a greater burden on his wife. As we analyze this scenario from Andy’s perspective, we will address the concept of reasonableness, where Andy should focus his attention, and how he can incorporate non-rational mental processes into his critical thought.

Answer to Question 1: Define the concept of reasonableness.

Reasonableness refers to the ability to think and act in a rational and logical manner, considering what is fair and sensible given a particular situation. It involves evaluating and weighing the available evidence, considering different perspectives, and making informed decisions that are both practical and ethical. In this case, reasonableness would require Andy to assess the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing a graduate degree and balancing his professional aspirations with his family responsibilities.

Answer to Question 2: Where should Andy focus his attention? Why?

Andy should primarily focus his attention on finding a balanced solution that accommodates both his career goals and his family life. It is crucial for him to prioritize and allocate time for his wife and sons, especially considering the difficult transitional period they may be entering. By maintaining a strong connection with his family, Andy can provide the necessary support and guidance during this crucial phase of his sons’ lives. However, he should also pursue his professional aspirations as advancement in the managerial ranks can provide financial stability and personal fulfillment. Therefore, Andy should strive for a harmonious integration of his work and family commitments.

Answer to Question 3: How can someone like Andy incorporate non-rational mental processes into his critical thought? How are we able to engage in this intense level of cognition? What rational and emotional principles are at work?

Non-rational mental processes can be incorporated into critical thought by recognizing and utilizing emotions as valuable sources of information and guidance. In Andy’s case, he can tap into his emotional intelligence to empathize with his family’s needs and make informed decisions based on both rational and emotional factors. Emotions can help Andy prioritize his family’s well-being and the potential impact on his sons’ lives during their formative years. Additionally, rational principles, such as weighing the long-term benefits of obtaining a graduate degree, evaluating available options, and considering the financial implications, will play a role in his decision-making process. By combining rationality and emotional intelligence, Andy can engage in an intense level of cognition that encompasses a holistic perspective in addressing his dilemma.

Now, let’s consider the responses to two other students’ posts.

Response to Student 1:

As Andy’s wife, I believe he should focus the majority of his attention on his family moving forward. Our sons are approaching a challenging transitional period, and their emotional and psychological well-being should be a priority. Andy’s involvement and presence in their lives will significantly impact their development during this crucial phase. While career advancement is important, it should not come at the cost of neglecting our family responsibilities. A balanced approach that allows Andy to maintain his current job while dedicating quality time to our sons would be the most reasonable solution.

From my perspective as Andy’s wife, reasonableness involves considering the long-term implications of our decisions on our family’s well-being. It entails finding a middle ground where both career and family commitments are met without sacrificing one for the other. Reasonableness also includes empathizing with the emotional needs of our children and providing the necessary support during their transition into adolescence.

In this situation, emotional principles play a significant role as we strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment for our sons. Rational principles are also at work as we evaluate the potential benefits and drawbacks of different options and assess the long-term impact on our family’s overall happiness and stability.

Response to Student 2:

As Andy’s wife, I believe he should focus the majority of his attention on his family moving forward. Our sons are at a critical stage in their lives, and they need their father’s guidance and presence. By dedicating more time to our children, Andy can establish strong connections and help shape their values and beliefs. This period of their lives will greatly influence their future, and Andy’s involvement is vital.

Reasonableness from my perspective involves considering the immediate and long-term needs of our family. It requires us to prioritize our children’s growth and development while also acknowledging the importance of Andy’s professional aspirations. We should aim for a balanced approach that nurtures our family dynamics and supports Andy’s career progression.

Both emotional and rational principles are at play in this scenario. Emotionally, we want our children to feel loved, supported, and valued. It is crucial for Andy to be emotionally available to them during their formative years. Rationally, we need to weigh the potential benefits of a graduate degree against the impact it may have on our family dynamics and Andy’s availability. Balancing both emotional and rational considerations will lead us to a reasonable decision that encompasses the well-being of our family as a whole.

In conclusion, as a medical professor responsible for educational assignments and feedback, it is essential to consider different perspectives and encourage critical thinking among students. This case study presented the dilemma faced by Andy, allowing us to explore concepts of reasonableness, decision-making, and the interplay between rational and emotional principles.

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