Global business ethics case study

Stakeholder model of corporate governance is discussed vis-à-vis the shareholder model of corporate governance through this case discussion. • How can you determine if a company views stakeholders as truly important or merely as window dressing for company PR? • What stakeholders have the most power at Walmart and why? • How does the culture of Walmart affect (affected) its relationships with stakeholders? • In your analysis, compare and contrast stakeholder activities at Walmart with the discrimination issue. Research news media on coverage of the class action lawsuit to explain why the discrimination problem got to the point that a class action lawsuit was brought. What is Walmart’s current HR policy on diversity? Have there been lawsuits or problems in the news media recently? How many minority and females currently serve on Walmart’s Board of Directors? The analysis of shareholder versus stakeholder interests at Walmart requires that students develop a “toolbox” of ethical perspectives and values to dissect the actions and decisions made by stakeholders at Walmart. no work cited please

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