GAP Analysis – Part 2

 Using Part I’s analysis, pick ONE of the job descriptions that you are MOST interested in and write a reflection paper (1-2 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font – must include your Banner ID on document) to disseminate your findings to the instructor. Note that you will also have to provide authorization to the Institutional Review Boards for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research (IRB), as these reflection papers will be used in University research. This consent form will be provided on Canvas, but you will be required to turn in a hard-copy at some point. Your paper will be graded on a very basic rubric, as the goal of the assignment is to provoke thought. Challenge yourself to evaluate your weaknesses and reflect on how you can make your qualifications even more outstanding! There is always room for improvement. Things to consider in your reflection: • What was it about the one job and employer you picked from your three that you identified in Part 1A that interested you the most? • Evaluate and elaborate on your skills/strengths from past experiences (academic and non-academic). How were these skills utilized in the past and how do they transfer to the qualifications desired for the job posting that you are most interested in? • Describe your weaknesses and formulate a plan to strengthen them. • Propose your unique value proposition based on your strengths and why you will be a highly desired graduate. • Who is someone (an individual or campus entity such as the OPCD) that can help you in your career planning and how will you leverage this/these resource(s)? • How will you apply this exercise to your future job search process or career/professional decisions? GAP Analysis Part 2 OPTIONAL RESUBMISSION You will have an opportunity to edit/revise your Part 2 submission after the Peer Review for additional points. To earn these points, you must make substantive edits to your Part 2 submission where the end result is a tightly written paper that is concise, makes your main points clear and uses examples and evidence to support them. The quality of your writing (overall structure and flow, grammar, spelling) is reflective of the complexity of your thinking. Also, at the end of your resubmission, you will need to explain what changes were made and why.

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