Form to be completed and lesson plan attached. In this

 Form to be completed and lesson plan attached.

In this assignment, learners will be collaborating with other professionals on professional development for the betterment of both of the professionals involved. Learners will be observed by and observe a colleague. For one of the observations, the learner and a colleague will conduct a post-observation coaching conference.

By collaborating to improve instruction, the learner and his or her colleague will work to improve instruction for their students. Use the Summary of Instructor Observation Form to record observations and ultimately submit the form for instructor evaluation.

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competency and assessment criteria:

  • Competency 4: Collaborate with other professionals and the family for the purpose of improving instruction.
    • Observe other professionals in the classroom for the purpose of improving instruction for both instructors.
    • Summarize information related to improvement on instruction from observations of colleagues.
  • Competency 3: Demonstrate the dispositions expected of a professional educator and self-directed learner.
    • Reflect on the observation process as a tool to evaluate instruction for professional development.

Assignment Description

To complete this assignment, follow the instructions on the Summary of Instructor Observation Form and submit it in the assignment area. Note: You do not need to submit the Classroom Observation Forms that you completed for the individual visits.

  • You will need to plan ahead with colleagues to make arrangements for visits, making sure that the purpose and outcome of the visits are clear.
  • Before your visit, explain the feedback process and its context. Share your improvement goal and ask the instructor what she or he would like you to focus on during the visit.

Be sure your colleague understands that you will be providing written feedback using the Classroom Observation Form.

  • Conduct a post-conference coaching session for at least one observation (learner or colleague).
  • Submit the Summary of Instructor Observation Form to instructor for evaluation.

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