For your first assignment, you’ll be completing a company analysis

For your first assignment, you’ll be completing a company analysis using the provided template. You’ll start by identifying three businesses that are competitors in your industry (Real Estate, Health Care, Education etc.). Go to Hoovers and search for and search for companies by industry: (Note: If your competitors are too small and don’t appear on Yahoo Finance, you should choose larger competitors or a larger industry instead. The point of this assignment is to get practice finding and analyzing this information). Next, Go to Yahoo Finance (link: and enter the name of each of the three competitors you’ve identified into the Search Box (one at a time). Once you click on the company and its information pulls up, click on the tab that says Financials. There you’ll look at the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows to gather the information that you need to fill into your Assignment 1 template. Once you’ve located each competitor on Yahoo Finance, you’ll begin by looking at the Income Statement for each and then filling in the company information for Total Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Income, and EBITDA. Next, you’ll look at the Balance Sheet for each and identify and complete the template with the information for the company’s Total Assets, Total Liabilities and Total Stockholder’s Equity. Then, you will calculate Three Ratios for each company. The first is the Debt to Equity Ratio which is calculated by dividing Total Debt by Total Equity. Next you will calculate Gross Margin which is determined by dividing Gross Profits by Sales. Next, you will determine the Operating Margin which is calculated by dividing Operating Income by Sales. Please list the three figures used for the calculation of each ratio. Finally, you’ll list three takeaways or an analysis of what you’ve learned about each company based on their financial data (one for each company)

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