For this assignment, you will select an organization to create


For this assignment, you will select an organization to create a process improvement plan for. This may be the organization you work for or another real organization that you are familiar with.

A thorough process improvement plan provides an overview of the problem, identifies the current processes in place and why they are ineffective, presents a proposal for a new process, establishes the goals and objectives of the new process, the resource requirements to incorporate the new process, the risks associated with the new process, and finally includes a plan of action stating how the process can be integrated.

Your plan will include the following key components:

1. Statement of the Problem

a. What is the problem with the current processes and why are they ineffective?

b. State the current policy and procedure.

c. Provide examples that show a direct correlation between the processes and the deficiencies in management.

2. SWOT Analysis

a. Provide a mini-SWOT analysis on the current processes.

b. You should clearly highlight the weaknesses as you will be convincing the board and the stakeholders that the process does in fact need to be changed.

3. Process Proposal

a. After identifying the problem, you will need to propose a new process.

b. Provide evidence that the new process will be better than the old process.

c. Prove that this process is in line with the organization’s goals.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Process

a. What do you hope to accomplish by implementing the new process?

b. When specifically when do you plan to fully integrate the new process? Create a timeline.

c. Specifically demonstrate the value of your process to the organization.

5. Identification of Required Resources

a. How much will it cost the organization to create this new process?

b. What human resources will we need in order to complete this project successfully?

c. How long do you plan to spend fully integrating the process, training employees, and updating all documents?

6. Budget

a. After identifying the required resources, determine your budget.

b. Consider things such as paying employees for training on the new process, or the time lost doing evaluations to determine whether or not managers are following the new process.

c. This budget should include not only money, but time as well.

7. Risk Assessment

a. What obstacles will prevent you from integrating the new process?

b. How do you plan to manage these obstacles and risks?

8. Plan of Action

a. Provide the exact steps you will take to fully integrate the new process.

b. After creating your plan of action, compile all of these components together into one final plan.

Each week you completed one or more of the required elements listed above. Feedback was provided by your instructor and must be incorporated into your final submission. Your completed process improvement plan should be a minimum of 15 to 18 pages and address, in a comprehensive fashion, each of the areas listed above. Research should be included where appropriate with proper in-text citations and a properly formatted reference page. The expectation is that you will support the information provided in your process improvement plan with a minimum of ten credible resources.

In this learning activity, we will evaluate process improvement plan presentations. Your presentation will be based on the process improvement plan you developed throughout the course. Your presentation will be graded by your instructor separately, while your discussion grade will be based on whether or not you post your presentation and the depth of your follow-up posts.

Your presentation should include:

a. A slide presentation 10-15 slides in length.

b. A 5 to 7 minute narration.

c. Presenter notes.

d. A discussion of the deficiencies in the current processes, your proposal of a new process, the requirements to successfully implement the process, and your plan of action.

The audience for your presentation is the board and stakeholders of the organization implementing the plan.

Your company has asked you to create a process improvement plan. Your process improvement plan will evaluate an area in which managers are consistently falling short of expectations. Here are a few areas that managers commonly miss the mark on:

· Effective motivation

· Sharing the vision

· Setting effective expectations

· Holding employees accountable

· Helping employees with career development

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