Find an example of a new Globally Harmonized System of

Find an example of a new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling (GHS) label for a specific chemical and the corresponding National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) label for that chemical. Discuss which of the two labels you think provides the most information to help employees control risks associated with the chemical.

When responding to your classmates’ posts, discuss whether or not you believe the two labels conflict with each other or complement each other.


I chose wd-40 since it is a household item that we all use at home.  The GHS provides a lot of information for the product.  It is very extensive and there are no questions at all as to what health, physical, or environmental issues are present.  The information is plentiful and present for anyone using the product that has access to this information.  The NFPA label does not provide as much information at the GHS.  There is a lot of duplicating information, but from a business perspective I would choose the GHS to use for an employer.  The more information that can be provided the better.  If the information was needed, then the quicker someone could get it the better off you would be.     

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